PJ Langhoff 

“When a saint was standing up and giving their testimony of something, one of the things they said was an actual word for me. What happened is that they said that the Father told them "there is no place you can go where I cannot protect you." As soon as they said that word, I felt in the Spirit, the Father's Spirit shoot through the television set (that the computer was streaming to) and that shot across my living room directly into my heart! As it hit my heart, I KNEW that word was mine and tears immediately welled up in my eyes and I was FREE. You see, for 17 years I have been "unable" to eat many foods and medicines because of anaphylaxis. I had great fear of reactions for over a decade with so many emergency room visits we lost count. It makes eating so difficult. I haven't eaten in a restaurant or at someone's house for 17 years! I haven't eaten most foods most people enjoy for 17 years. That's 17 years! I had worked on fear for years but was still unable to face trying new things because of whatever this issue was and had recently prayed HARD to father and really pressed in. I had cried and told him "It's too much for one person to carry!" and asked for deliverance from him during Tabernacles. I have another testimony about Sukkot, but long story short, I was delivered from the fear. And guess what? Since Sukkot I have been able to try new things without fear (although I still have to be very careful and sample things and wait to see what occurs) but away I go toward healing. HalleluYAH! Father healed some heart issue that I had which was preventing me from moving forward. The heart issue? Was related to the loss of my children, which also happened 17 years ago. They are in his hands and I trust him.”

Aviyah A Chaverim

"After being a Christian for 35 years, my life was in shambles because of sin, but when I called on the name of Yahovah and decided to have faith in him alone, things completely turned around for me.

In my past, I truly was no angel.  I wore a smile on my face out in public but at night when I went home and was all alone.  Many times I cried myself to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if God was going to judge me and strike me dead for everything I had done with my life.

My conscience convicted me of my self destructive ways. I did not need anyone to tell me how rotten I was, I knew I was not living right, though I thought because I was a Christian, I could sin today and repent tomorrow. After all I was “ Under Grace”.  The question in my mind was, If grace covered me and I was forgiven, then why were so many things in my my life going wrong? Why did I not have peace, the kind of peace and victory experienced by the apostles and prophets, of old?

There were several times I came very, very close to ending it all. Sin caused so many circumstances which could have been avoided if only I repented, turning away from the selfish careless lifestyle I was living.

One day while in a deep depressive state, I actually began planning to commit suicide. I thought it would be the only way out of the pain I was experiencing. I felt empty and without hope. After returning home from work, my secret plan was to be carried out that night, however just before doing so, I prayed one last time, "God, if you can help me, please do it now, cause I just can't do this anymore. I confessed everything I did and ask him what HE wanted me to do. I told him I would do whatever it took if he would save me and relieve me of my pain. I no longer wanted this life of sin and was in desperate need of redemption. I then remember praying, “ I have been a Christian for over 30 years. I listened to the pastor and have been a good Christian girl, Why is my life so empty, why don’t I have the victory and peace I read about in the scriptures? What am I doing wrong?  What did the believers do in the early church, in the days of Messiah? GOD...I Want The Truth!

After I prayed, I remember hearing in my heart, “Forgive everyone who hurt you, then release them”.  I remember saying out loud, “ YES, I WILL DO IT!” I began to weep while pouring out my heart to Abba. For the next two weeks, as the Holy Spirit brought to my memory those who deeply hurt me, I began to forgive and then release them from any debt I felt they owed me. Abba walked me through that very painful time, however I knew that If I did exactly what he asked of me, I would be healed.  At that time in my life, I also suffered from a sleep disorder. I could not sleep unless I took medication for depression, anxiety and a sleeping pill every night. I remember praying, “ Father, if you will hold me in your arms tonight when I go to bed, I know I will sleep without any medication”.  As a sign of my faith, I flushed every pill I took for depression, anxiety and sleeplessness away at once. The next morning, I woke up refreshed without having taken any medication for the first time in years. I knew Yahovah was with me, I knew I was free.

Something had changed in me, Joy began to fill my heart again. I no longer wanted to sit in dark places but loved the light!  As I began to pray for the truth that sets men free, Yahovah lead me to his Torah. I asked Father to show me anything I had learned that was wrong as a Christian and began to lead me to his truth. I walk in that very truth today, set free, filled with joy and peace.

Now I am blessed with sanity instead of depression and anxiety with constant sleepless nights. I am blessed with a peace I've never known before which is still beyond my understanding.

My mind is now clear from the horrible thoughts of suicide and dark thoughts of dread day after day. I can finally think straight and am in my right mind.  I turned from the way I was living before when I thought the answer to a better life would be found in a good relationship or being accepted or popular.

 Now a days, I share my testimony at every chance with whoever will listen. I tell them there is hope because I am a living witness to the power of Yahovah’s love. 

I pray one day I will be able to be used in the healing of others.  I believe that has already begun. As I am used in the healing of others, I get a front row seat in watching the love of Yahovah work in the lives of hurting souls just as he has in mine. Thanks for letting me share my testimony, I pray it will be greatly used to the glory of our loving Father, Yahovah who was and is and is to come."

Sharon and Floyd Campbell

“Our testimony is about how we must rest assured that Yehovah will meet all of our needs. The two conditions for us are that we are obedient to His Commands and we wait on His timing.  

Floyd and I had to pull away from what family said and thought about tithing.  We ignored what financial counselors said about cutting back on tithes until our debt was paid down.  We even ignored our carnal flesh saying we could enjoy life more if we had more money and one way was to cut back on tithing.

Through teachings at HOI Charlotte and London, we realize that we wrestle against people under the influence of the enemy.  When we are more concerned about pleasing Yehovah than people, we won’t let the stuff that people do and say influence our Spirit or our behavior.  

Floyd and I started consistently giving tithes in 2006.  Before that we would give offerings and fluctuate between tithing 5-10%.  However, the consistency brought about consistent blessings financially.  We learned that holding back the tithe, held back our blessings.

Through HOI teachings, my husband and I have learned not to disqualify ourselves from the blessings that Yehovah has in store for us.  When we began to look to purchase a home in South Carolina in 2016, we did not initially look for what we needed, we looked for what we thought we could afford.  We didn’t look at move-in-ready homes that had enough bedrooms and baths because we had put a ceiling on our financial situation.  After looking at numerous fixer-uppers and ought to be “tear downers”, we finally came to the realization that Yehovah is not limited by what we can see or what we have in our possession

The time for Firstfruits was approaching.  We gave our biggest voluntary offering to date.  Truly, truly, we cannot out give our Father.  He made a way for us to purchase a move-in ready house AND the house was assessed for $10,000.00 more than the selling price.  HalleluYAH!!

Now in recent weeks, we have found out that we should be giving a second and third tithe.  It is really a financial stretch!  HOWEVER, as one of my Sister Saints in Charlotte said, “Sharon, I really believe that after we start giving the tithes as in scripture, we are going to see a huge wave of blessings over flow us.  HalleluYAH!

We are thankful that in every area of our lives the Father is bigger than any of our trials and tribulations.  When we obey, or repent and obey, we have a great spiritual Shalom (peace, tranquility, safety, well-being, welfare, health, contentment, success, wholeness, and integrity) knowing that Yehovah makes it well with us because we are keeping our part of the covenant/agreement.”


“In almost six years following Yeshua in obedience to his Torah, Yehovah has manifest himself in different ways in my life and I would like to share same of these experiences with you.

The first significant experience with Yehovah happened just at begging of this walk. I grew up in a Baptist church and for my whole life as a Christian I was addicted to pornography. Sometimes more than others, but I was never able to stop having contact with pornography. The understanding of once save, always save; I don’t need to obey commandments because I’m saved by grace not by works; I’m just a sinner and my justice comes from Jesus; was some of the excuses I found to hide myself from the problem and never really deal with it. I remember that the first time I heard about Yeshua, from the perspective of obedience to the Torah, something immediately changed inside me. I could not look at me as a sinner any more. Immediately I understand that Yeshua did not come to pay the price of my sin that I could continue to sin as result of his grace. He pays the price of my sin that I could became holy like him, and walk the way he walks; in total obedience to the father’s commandant. On that day I realised that I could not continue to sin, because if knowing the truth, I continued to do that, it would be like any time I sin, I was making Yeshua killed again. I understand the importance of obedience for my salvation, and I understand that instead to see me just as a sinner, I should see me as someone holy as Our father in heaven is holy. From that day on I was completely free from the addiction to pornography. Thanks to Yehovah, and the importance of his son sacrifice, in the last 6 years I never access any kind of pornographic material any more.

“So shall I keep thy law continually for ever and ever.

And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.” Psalms 119:44,45.”

PJ Langhoff 

“Nine years ago, for seven years we searched for a smaller home to downsize to that would be closer to my husband’s work to shorten his drive. We also wanted to have our then 2 horses on our own property instead of boarding them. Seven years into it, I was frustrated after viewing so many homes to buy. We had even put offers on a few of them but they always fell through for some “strange” reason or another. 

And it seemed like no matter what we did, our home just wouldn’t sell. It was strange because we had spent 12 years rehabbing a broken down 3 floor brick Victorian with all the bells and whistles and everyone commented on how gorgeous it was and it was priced right.

 I finally asked the Father one day “Why can’t we sell this house?” His reply was: “Did you ever ask ME if you could move?” I thought for a moment and realized that No, I had not. I never asked Father what his plan was for us. I repented and within 2 weeks he sold our home and had to give the buyers a projected move out date.

Now we had just 40 days to find a home to accommodate me and my husband, our great dane, and our two horses and a house full of 30 years of stuff. One night about 2-1/2 weeks before our move out date, Father woke me at 2 a.m. and said “go upstairs and search on the computer for a house.” My office was on the third floor. I got up sleepy, but obeyed. This is how we often work, so it was not unusual.

But I protested a bit and said, “I already searched the list extensively.” He said “Search again.” Just then I found a home that looked very interesting but it was at the top of our price budget. He said “that’s the one.” Then he said “Do you trust me?” And I said “yes” but with trepidation. I called on it the next day but now it was suddenly “off the market.”

A couple days went by. Our realtor could not get an appointment. No response from the sellers. I said to Father “you will have to fix this if you want us to move there, because you picked it.” Father replied immediately with a directive: “Call them right now.” I did. I got a machine and left a message. Five minutes later the seller called me to make an appointment to see his home.

When my realtor and I got there the next day, just as we were walking up the sidewalk to the home, I said “it will be a miracle if this is the home for us.” The property needed work, but was lovely and I could see myself living there. I just didn’t think we could possibly get the house. The realtor, who was in front of me, looked down and pointed to something on the stop.

 “Look.” She pointed to the step. In the concrete was a granite marker with the name of the home builder on it. The placquard said “A Miracle Home”. 

We moved in just 2 weeks later, a week before our closing date with enough time to move everything in. The only problem was that the house was huge and not at all smaller than what we had chosen, even though it was a walk-out ranch, it was large. And yet the house had every single feature in it that I had wanted, and then some. 

Two years later we have 4 horses, 40 chickens, 7 ducks and 2 turkeys along with our dog, my husband and myself. The house is perfectly situated so my husband’s drive to work is shorter, and allows us access to things we did not have before. It has been a huge blessing.

We began a theocultural farm 2 years ago and learned how to raise our own food and meat and eggs. It has been a huge blessing. We even have 3 natural springs on the property, woods, wetlands, trails, and an abundance of nature to watch. Each sunrise and sunset is beautiful, and there are lots of rainbows. Each rainbow reminds me of Father’s words “Do you trust me?” Just as Noah trusted Father to build his ark even though he didn’t know when or what would happen, I stepped out and trusted the Father beyond my comfort zone and he has done amazing things.

I have another testimony that is related to this. But persevere. I prayed every day of those seven years. Father showed himself mightily in our lives and made a miracle happen when I thought there was none left for me.

Sure, it would have been much shorter had I asked Father in the first place. But when he did move, boy did he move! HalleluYAH.”

Brenda F. Allen

“Shalom Saints! I want to testify of a Miracle I recently received from YHVH. I had a problem with my big toe on my left foot, it would not bend. It had been this way for months and it was also very painful to walk.  I was scheduled for surgery October 24, 2017. The doctor had planned to insert a screw into my toe so that it would straighten. The day before the surgery, the nurse called and said the surgery was postponed a day because they needed to do the procedure in the hospital instead of out-patient. The next morning I woke up with the ability to bend my toe and stretch it out too!!!! I praise Yeshua!, YeHoVaH had given me a Miracle!!!  I called the doctor's office and told the nurse and cancelled the surgery!!!! The nurse quietly said, " Amen". I praise my Elohim for my MIRACLE!!!!! I can't stop praising and loving Him!  Yeshua is concerned about everything that concerns us, even our big toes!”

Rose Johnson

“Shalom and Greetings! I am 'Rosa John' and this is my brief testimony. On October 20, 2016 during the Feast of Tabernacles, i felt very weak and I knew that I needed to go to the hospital but I didn't want my son to experience giving me CPR because I knew that I wouldn't survive anyway.  I had an Asthma attack that was so severe that I had to talk to the Father about this and HE agreed with me and instructed me to call 911 after he left home. I gathered  my things called 911 and after 10 minutes or so, of their questions  and my answers going back and forth trying to explain that I couldn't breathe, I laid the phone down, got my purse and started to walk outside to wait for the paramedics. I didn't make it. One of my neighbors spoke to me but I didn't have time to answer because I passed out. My neighbor stayed with me until the paramedics came about 10 minutes later and tried to revive me but couldn't. When I got to the hospital I was DOA (dead on arrival) according to the nurses and my son. To make this story shortened, I was in a coma for 3 days and 3 nights and woke up on Sunday during the day and was trying to raise my hands but couldn't because they were restrained because of the ventilator tube in my throat. (that they removed after I became conscience) The nurse asked me what I wanted to eat and I really didn't know so they asked for a tray and the lady brought it to me and when they lifted the lid, I saw sausage & bacon eggs and English muffins. I asked what kind of meat this was they replied pork. I went ballistic over the pork.

(I didn't realize it at the time but this was a turning point that the Father used to witness to someone else.) they said I'll take it off I told her no I couldn't touch anything on that plate because it had pork on it. She was surprised and said the only people that responds like that are Jewish people!! She walked off and they brought me a new tray of food.  Monday I went to a room out of the ICU and began to respond to the medications and of course I missed the rest of the Feast but was so happy to be alive and know that the Father kept his promise to me and I am alive today because of the prayers and faithfulness of YaHoVaH !! I was in the hospital until October 28. 2016. I just want to say that Father listens to our prayers and HE responds to us in many ways. I know this  is not the full story, but when I got home, the scriptures he gave me were: Psalms 115:17,18-116:1-19  and 118:17,18. I thank Father for each and every day that HE gives me and for every breath I take; because HE is the 'Breath of Life'. I sent my testimony of this to HOI (Sharon) right after I got home because I felt that I was on borrowed time ( I didn't say that but that is how I felt) To think that Jonah was in the whale for 3 days and 3 nights because he didn't want to obey  YHVH and I just wondered why I was in that coma for 3 days and 3 nights what was I not doing  or what was my disobedience? I'm still wondering  today, a year later.  but know that with the new health problems that have  come up after my release from the hospital last year I have repented for everything I could think of. The Father is still King and sits on the Throne , and as long as I draw breath HIS Praise shall be in my mouth day and night.  

Thank you for letting me share this testimony of The Father's greatness towards us, HIS children. Shalom”


"Me and my wife have known each other from reception and primary school, and we also grew up on the same church. We marriage in the age of 21, and 4 years later we decided to divorce. The decisions was taken and for six months I lived in another place, while my wife and my daughter was living with my mother in law. On that time Yehovah intervene in our situation and brought us together. For one year after that I was living in my mother in law house and we did not deal with our problems in the way we should have done. At the end of that one year after the reconciliation, I moved to Italy living my wife and daughter in Brazil. For 4 years I saw my family once a year. After 4 years my wife come to live with me in Italy and 6 months later we moved to UK. Now, 5 years after the problems that led us to start a divorce, we were finally living by ourselves, being able to try to restore what we had lost in our relationship. However, living in a new country, far from friends and family, and all the other aspects of immigration that make this experience very difficult, only help to making things even hard between us. For seven years we argue many, many times about the same argument. She wants to go back to Brazil, while I want to stay.  Many times, I heard from her that our marriage was over. Then, I start to follow Torah, and thinks become even worse. Now I stop to eat pork, and especially shrimp that she used to love so much. I’m keeping shabbat, stop to celebrate christmas, trying to teach my family about the feast, and so on. She tries to understand and respect my position but for her I lost completely my mind. Few times I heard her telling me that I was crazy and that she did want to live in that way anymore. About 2 years ago she was decided to put an end in our marriage again.

 Things was not good, but I did not know that. At that time I was doing a half day fasting for 30 days, and I was praying that Yehovah would intervene again in our relationship and completely restore our marriage. Every day of the fasting our relationship become worse and our arguments stronger. Almost at the end of that 30 days I realized that probably I would have to continue my fasting for an indeterminate period, until I could see any result. On that day we start a conversation that end up on talking about our problems and differences. For the first time I decide to share with her my problem with pornography to show her that my new walk with Yeshua, in obedience to father’s commandment, was making me a better person, a new man. She never knew about my addiction and that make her furious. She felt like if I had betrayed her for our entire live. She went to sleep that night decided that on the next day she would call me for our last conversation. She would ask me to live our bed and start to sleep on the sofa until we could find a way to continue our lives separated. She closed her eyes that night with 100% conviction that our marriage had end once for all. She called me for a conversation the next day morning and the first thing she ask me was to forgive her. She shares with me what was in her heart for a long time, and that her conviction was to put an end in our relationship that day, but she did not know how, she wake up that morning and everything in her heart and mind was completely different. Her conviction to end our marriage was completely gone and now the only thing she could think about, is to how we could restore our relationship.


From the time she went to sleep until the time she wakes up, Yehovah change her heart and renew her mind. We still have our differences, we have areas of our lives that we need to work to improve our relationship, but father has be faithful to us and has guide us through this process of restauration. I praise him for take care of me and my family, and I hope that my testimony could help my brothers and sister to believe that YeHoVaH can do the same for you. Nothing come to an end until the father say is the end. 

I’ve being bless in writing down my testimony and remember some of the things the father has done for me, and I hope this can bless you too. 


PJ Langhoff 

“For 17 years my mother and I were estranged. There was a history of abuse from childhood on up. Decades later she was remarried as my dad died in the 90’s. Now she lived with new hubby in another state. In 2013 in my office, Father spoke audibly to me. “Do you see those 2 bookends? I want you to return them.” Two cast iron bookends were on my shelf. I had taken them when I was kicked out of my parents’ home at 17 for stopping my mother’s hand from striking me and declaring that she would never ever hit me again. That scared her although I had never raised a hand to her. I was merely tired of being a battering board. The bookends were on my desk and I took them with my books when I left, and had refused to return them for decades out of unforgiveness.

Then Father said “Not only are you to return them, but you are to write a letter explaining why you took them.” I replied: “Seriously?” I thought about it and knew I had to obey. I said “Can I do it in a couple days?” Father said “Yes.” I wrote the letter and return them. I wondered about the look on her face when she got the package.

One day she rang and asked if she and my stepdad could come visit. I said “yes” and looked forward to it. They stayed for several days. My husband and I took them out to eat (I ate a banana, because I can’t eat out), but they enjoyed a meal. We took them to an antique mall, mom’s favorite place. She once had a shop that I helped her with and we have antiques as a common interest. We all enjoyed it. We also spoke about “religion” (they are staunch Catholics) and we are followers of Messiah. It was interesting but they were intransigent in their religious beliefs and concepts.

Only a few months later, mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Two months before she passed, hubby and I visited her for 4 days to help care for her. I had major back and other health issues and was unable to travel far so I had not left the house for any distance for 14 years. The undertaking took great faith and strength. I told Father “I’m trusting you to take care of everything. I can’t do this alone.” This was hard since I had great fear. We set out for the 14-hour round trip. During our stay, mom truly repented of years of abuse and she was forgiven. We received healing from a lifetime broken relationship. We promised to return in a month.

But just 2 weeks later the hospice nurse called and said mom was quickly failing. I called my brothers, who all live in different states and told them to come. We took our second trip to mom’s. Over the next 8 days I cared for mom physically and comforted her before she passed. During that precious time, huge events took place. I was not eating or sleeping for 8 straight days, yet I had enough energy to do what was needed.

I felt the presence of Yeshua all over me the entire time and when I asked Father if he wanted me to say anything to my mom for him, he audibly replied 2 things. First he said “I want you to tell her my name.” That was profound for me because in all her Catholic-ness of 82 years I knew she had never heard his true name. She couldn’t call out to him. She loved “the Lord” as she understood him but rejected all I had tried to teach her.

He also said, “Daughter, your sins are forgiven. Take up your bed and walk.” Wow! I cried because I knew it was Father saying “be healed.” The question was would she receive what I gave her? When she was awake again, I told her what Father said. I also told her Yeshua’s name so she would know it. I told her other things but she looked at me with a blank expression like I had told her what the weather was outside. 

That evening I heard her speaking with one of my brothers. She said “I don’t understand why my healing didn’t come.” But it had come. She just rejected it because it came from me. Her healing had come but her religion made her blind and she couldn’t receive it. That saddened me. She died a few days later, unhealed. Did Father’s word return void? I think not, because I took that word and stood upon it. As a result, I have received healing in the body and that healing has been sustained over time and continues to heal. 

But before mom died, two amazing things happened with 2 sisters-in-law. The first sister heard me speaking of mom and the privilege it was to care for her at this time. She said “I have to repent.” (She is also a staunch Catholic.) “I misjudged you.” We had never met until that day. She had only heard stories my mom had fabricated that weren’t true. It was mom’s way of getting attention and pity from people.

A second sister-in-law and I were chatting about the Father outside one night. She is led by the Spirit but not yet walking in the way but loves “the Lord” and has ears to hear.

Before this second trip to Mom’s, I had prayed that the Holy Spirit would rise up in me so strongly that it would roll forth like a huge tidal wave and jump out of my body onto another person so they could see that the power is real.

That evening talking about the Holy Spirit and Father’s goodness with my sister-in-law, the Spirit did exactly that! I could feel the power go out of me like a huge tidal wave that welled up, rolled forward and blasted out of my chest onto my sister-in-law with great force. I said nothing but watched as the power went out, smacked her in the chest, knocked her backward and she stepped back like someone pushed her. She said “WOW! Did you feel that? That’s the Holy Spirit!!!” She recognized it immediately and I replied, “Yeah, Isn’t that cool? He works through me!!!” It was not ego, just recognition. It was powerful and amazing! I thought “this is what Yeshua meant when he said he felt power going out of him.” That was what the disciples felt. Truly it showed me that Holy Spirit power and healing is real. The whole 8 days I was truly walking with Yeshua superimposed on and in me and it was fantastic. 

I lost 12 pounds in 8 days from not eating and not sleeping and I was already thin. It was hard but the Spirit sustained me through all of it. I even had a run in with a religious Spirit twice at my mother’s bedside in my stepdad, which I rebuked with scripture and which shut it down. I heaped coals of fire on it too when calmly I removed myself from the room and asked him if he would like me to get him a drink of water. It was very strange but I knew it was a Spirit, and not him. It manifested a few other times in front of others, but Yeshua enabled me to handle it each time. That is a whole other testimony.

In the end, none of us deserve healing or deliverance or forgiveness. And yet we have a Father who loves us so mightily that he can heal even the worst brokenness and unforgiveness of decades if we are willing and obedient to what he asks and will trust him. I was allowed an opportunity to reach out to a broken woman who needed Father’s love and my forgiveness. He used 2 bookends to heal a lifetime of abuse and scars left from same. I was able to lovingly minister in the days preceding mom’s death, and hold her hand all the way until hours before she passed. It was a precious, beautiful time. Father took care of every possible need I could have imagined, all the way down to organic supermarkets and familiar stores in a town I had never been before. He took such great care of me so I would have no fear or issues whatsoever in a difficult but beautiful time of life. Even in the end he is still trying to reach us.  HalleluYAH."

Norfleet Griffin

“Shalom. My name is Norfleet Griffin and I was born a poor white child in Southampton County, Virginia, in 1955. My first 8 years were spent on a peanut, watermelon, and cotton farm. I grew up around poor blacks and middle class whites. My family was by-and-large a product of the American South, and proud supporters of their Confederate heritage. For the first 10 years of my life, I assumed that everyone called blacks the “N” word, including themselves. It sickens me to this very day to realize that I was subjected to so much ignorance and hatred as a child. 

By the mid 60s, my daddy started his own business as a logging contractor and left the farm life behind. We moved 20 miles east to the city of Franklin to be closer to Union Bag Camp, a large paper mill and employer. It was there that my real education in the “humanities” began.

One Saturday  in the Spring of 1965, the KKK came to town, and my daddy took me to see them. I don’t remember much of what they said, but I do remember that when the rally was finished, they released black balloons into the air (just a few) and shot them all down with shotguns. The crowd cheered. Then they released a great bundle of white balloons, and everyone cheered even louder as they sailed up and out of sight. Daddy and I came home flushed with excitement. In truth, I was excited because my daddy was excited, not understanding the ramifications of what I had just witnessed. But guess who wasn’t excited? Mama. I will never forget what she said to daddy, and his reaction to it. She said, “It’s either them or me.” I had never seen her look so upset. But not crying upset; angry upset. And what I remember even more than her demeanor was this: that was the first time I EVER saw my daddy ashamed.

In 1970, the school I attended---Franklin High School---merged with Hayden High School (the black H.S. across the railroad tracks on the “colored” side of town). It was then that I received my first real experience of being around black kids en masse. Well, prior to that, a few black children had attended my all white elementary school, as the issues of Segregation and Civil Rights made their way into our small city. But in my experience, those few black kids were generally subdued and they kept to themselves. I suppose their parents were using them to make a point, but I could be way off base about that. But one of those kids--Anthony Handshaw-- was the funniest kid I ever knew, and we remained friends until I lost touch with him when I joined the Marines. Anyway, the schools merged and everyone prophesied doom and gloom. But fortunately, it never materialized. In fact, we all got along famously. I discovered that black kids were basically interested in the same things that I was, that they were inclined to be friendly and polite, and that they were definitely NOT the “N” word. I graduated in 1973, and I have fond memories of many of those kids---black and white---and remain friends with some of them to this very day. 

Now, during these days, I also attended church--a Methodist, followed by a Baptist, and finally a Congregational Christian church. They impressed upon me a sense of need for salvation, but never strongly enough for me to discern any real importance for it. And so, like many of my peers, I found church more of a nuisance than anything else, and by the time I graduated high school, I was just another lost soul, not realizing the implications of such an existence.

In 1975, I joined the US Marines. I did my boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina, and was stationed in several places around the world and US, until I was honorably discharged in 1981. One thing I learned quickly in the USMC was that all Marines are the same color: dark green, and that the Corps had little patience or use for racists. We learned to eat, sleep, work, and train together as a team, and to have little respect for anyone or anything not “dark green”. I became aware of, and educated about, many cultures in my military experience. I saw people living in flattened out tin can houses in Mexico, people living in homes made of rubber tires in Korea, people living on the street in the Philippines, and even a South Korean family living in a hole in the ground. I began to realize that much of what I had learned in school and at home was not, by any means, accurate about people or life. I made friends: Black friends, Chicano friends, Asian friends, and of course, White friends. They were from all parts of the country and the world, and they had their own cultures, their own stories, and their own beliefs. I assimilated into this new brotherhood I’d discovered without even trying, and wandered away--without even realizing it--from my southern upbringing.

I was discharged in early 81, and divorced from my wife (who I married in 1980) three years later (1984), after she took my two toddler sons and ran off with a man to someplace unknown to me--- where they still remain to this very day for all I know. The shock of their unexpected and sudden departure signaled a long, painful, downward spiral in life that lasted for almost eight years. I began to not care about anything, and actively wished I was dead. After a series of misadventures and blunders, and a serious battle with drug addiction and petty crimes, I awakened one day in my tent in the woods (which was all I could afford at the time) to realize that I was a lost soul. I mean seriously lost. I was alone in every possible way a man can be lost---spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and psychologically. I had no drive, no direction, no home. I was a wanderer in search of a dream I would never find on the road. And so, I did what every prodigal son worth his salt does---I returned home and gave my life to Jesus. 

And I burned like a house on fire for the Lord. I studied every night until my face would fall sleepily onto the Bible on my pillow. I witnessed and I witnessed to anyone and everyone. I taught in my local Methodist church. One day, while I was shoveling out a huge peanut bin in preparation for the Autumn harvest, I said out loud into the emptiness of the building, “Lord, this is all fine, having a job and a place to sleep, and a re-connection with my family, and a fine relationship with you, but isn’t there something else You want me to do besides this?” And I tell you truthfully, a tiny voice spoke inside my head, “I want you to preach the Gospel.” That’s all He said. But that was enough. And so I began following Jesus in earnest, and within a couple of years I had preached all over the State of Virginia and in New Mexico (as a missionary). And as I grew in my studies and my relationship with the Holy Spirit, I asked questions of pastors and elders no one could answer related to worship and service; questions about faith and doctrine and works. And not only could they not be answered to my satisfaction, often I was openly and rudely told to stop asking them. So, I went from Methodist to Baptist to Pentecostal to Holiness to Jehovah’s Witnesses and back to Holiness churches in a vain search for answers. I tell you, I wept bitter tears over the church, and I prayed like a man lost alone at sea. And as I prayed, that tiny voice whispered to me again and said,” Read and obey Revelation 18”. And so I knew, after reading it, that church was not where I belonged. 

So, in 1995, I declared to one and all that Christianity and all of its assorted doctrines and traditions was just so much nonsense. It left me flat. It left me empty. And worse, it left me bitter and angry. Except for the sermon I preached at my daddy’s funeral in 1998, I was bereft of religion. Four long years passed, and I wandered, from Virginia to Montana to Alaska and back to Montana. I was restless, and I was alone. But I couldn’t shake the idea that God was real and alive, even if the religion established in His Name was dead. So, after a series of day long fastings and prayers that stretched into a couple of weeks (here in Bozeman in 2005)  that same voice spoke to me again and said, “You are like my son, Ezekiel. Obey the last portion of Ezekiel chapter three and live as I have commanded.” And so, I read and obeyed, and here I remain. 

And as I sit here, in my spiritual bonds of discipline and correction, I have discovered the truth which the Spirit has led me to it after all these years of searching. The truth is found in our Hebraic Roots, and not in the Greco/Roman tradition of faith. I discovered through study and the Spirit that Torah has not been abolished! I discovered that the Almighty is not patterned after Greek and Egyptian Trinitarian mythology. I discovered that to truly be a disciple of Messiah, one must keep a steady and purposeful eye upon the commandments of Torah as well as upon the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. One must reject the teachings of the world completely, be they political, religious, or societal. One must live out the righteousness of Yeshua Messiah in every aspect of their life and be satisfied with whatever and wherever the Most High’s will takes us. And so, I keep the commandments---not just the Ten, but all that pertain to me. Not because I am saved by them (which I am not), but because I love the Father and want to please Him in every way. I observe the Sabbath at the correct time and I observe the Feasts of the Most High as prescribed in Leviticus 23. I reject the Christian holidays and traditions and doctrines that have led so many millions astray. I keep myself filled with the Holy Spirit, who I know to be Ruach Ha Qodesh. I place my faith squarely and completely upon the Righteousness of Yeshua, who died, not to destroy the Law as I had been incorrectly taught, but to take upon Himself the punishment I deserved for breaking the Law.  Torah is not the curse; punishment for breaking Torah is the curse. 

So, that’s where I am today. I take care of my aging mother here in Bozeman, but have no job. I have applied for hundreds of positions, but have sparked zero interest. But if you will read Ezekiel 3: 22- 27, perhaps you will understand why as I have understood. Yet, I lack for nothing because Father supplies my every need. I am rejected by all of my family, and really have very few friends, yet I have many brothers and sisters all around the world. Many of my former friends reject my understanding of Scripture and openly shun me as a result of my faith. I have been told my belief in, and obedience to, Torah is a "shame and an abomination" and that I am "condemned to hell" for my insistence that I should observe all of Scripture and not just the New Testament. But in spite of such harsh and repeated judgment of my faith and character, Messiah has called me His disciple. And so,  I truly live as Paul explained in II Corinthians 4: I have many difficulties on all sides, but am never cornered, I see no answers to my problems, but never despair; have been sorely persecuted, but never abandoned, knocked down, but never killed. 

So, over the course of these five years of spiritual bondage--from which I have not yet been released--I have suffered many losses personally, but I live in Yeshua, and in the Kingdom of Heaven, and there is no power in Heaven or earth that can tear me away from that. When Father speaks to me, He calls me Phineas, and I believe it is because of my zeal for His word. I know not what my future holds except that I will die in Yeshua Messiah even as I preach the Gospel and try to make disciples. That is my life now; that is all that matters to me anymore. Thank you for hearing my testimony. I apologize for going on so long."


I was blessed to be part of the HOI-London monthly prayer meeting in June.  My dear Sister Saint Juliet is a teacher at HOI-London. She is also a Discipleship and Leadership Graduate. Juliet led us through Praises to Yehovah and invited the presence of His Spirit into our midst. Then we entered a time of prayer for the ministry leaders, intercessory prayers and personal petitions. We ministered to each other through anointing with oils, songs, comforting words, sharing praise reports and miracles of Yehovah.

After about 2.5 hours of Saints praising and praying, Marcus closed the meeting with a final prayer. Then he instructed all of us to let our petitions stay with the Father and leave HOI different than when we came.

Earlier during the Sabbath service, Marcus called for those needing healing. I stood along with several Saints; three of us had issues with our feet. The swelling started on the flight to London on Monday night. Juliet laid hands on my feet. That evening I asked Yehovah for a word of knowledge about what was happening to my feet. The Father told me “again” that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Well, I started loading up on water. Sure enough, by morning the swelling had reduced by 90-95% on both feet.

Prayer and Obedience works! Halleluyah!!


"Hello Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We heartily salute you in the name of Jesus. We thank Him for considering you faithful and ordained you into ministry. Secondly we appreciate very much congratulate you for being faithful in His work as you make Him known to the uttermost parts of the earth. We have not seen you physically but we have seen you in the wonderful work you are doing through your inspiring, challenging and uplifting web site.

After prayerfully looking into your web site, we were not only persuaded but we were also moved, blessed and thrilled. We sincerely covet your work and earnestly desire that we can be in fellowship with you so that we can together as a team expand God’s Kingdom before the soon return our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the wonderfully transforming work knowing that your reward is great in Heaven.

Abundant blessings as we prayerfully and hopefully look out for your soon reply.

Together for the course of the Gospel,

Br. Nicodemus in Kenya."


"Good morning,  Yesterday was a blessed day as usual, just to comment on your delivered message it was awesome an effective! 

Grace and I went out delivering your tracts, Fear was not ordained to be within us  LOve to YeHoVaH  and then to our fellow men........... I'm afraid the tracks are all finished, Praise YeHoVah. Please if it is no trouble may you bring another two sets for us next week thank you so much. May YeHoVaH bless you, and have a blessed week.



The Benitez Family

"Greetings Brother Marcus and Family! First of all I want to thank you, your lovely wife Natalie, your wonderful family, and the brothers and sisters at HOI London for their prayers, kindness, and hospitality.  We truly were blessed by the Father during the Ministry of Power weekend and still feel empowered by the ministry that went forth.  I can't stop telling everyone about what we experienced and feel so humbled and loved by what Father is doing in our lives. I wanted an encounter with Him, for Him to reveal Himself to us, to bolster our faith and let us know that He is ALWAYS there, desiring us recognize His love, power, and ways and to draw close to Him. Well, Father did not disappoint!  I just want to tell you that we really appreciate the work you're doing for Father and in setting an example before His people.  I can imagine it to be  challenging juggling a job, family, and ministry, but you are doing a great job. Continue to stand strong in His truth and His ways and we will definitely keep you all in our prayers and are looking forward to our next gathering with HOI London...

Blessings and love from The Benitez Family"


"When I came out of Babylon, I was so disgusted with the idea of "being taught", that I convinced myself I could make it on my own. And so, I walked alone with the Spirit for a few years. And while my study habits were honed and sharpened, and my knowledge increased, I began to realize that my understanding was lagging far behind, because I did not have a teacher to show me the way. So, I prayed for someone to come into my life to help me bring together all of the knowledge I had accumulated. And Father led me to the Hebrew Roots. And from there--in a relatively short time---to the House of Israel. Pastor Marcus has been a tremendous blessing to me. He has helped me to make sense of what I knew before, but was unable to completely grasp. And he has inspired me to seek deeper wells of knowledge, which are watering my roots and giving life to my branches. May Yah be praised for his goodness. And thank you, Pastor, for your obedience.

Norfleet G"


"Hi Guys from 'Down Under' (Australia),

Marcus, I just listened to you devotion on 'The Reason for the Season'. A great talk. can i make the suggestion that while we can download this sermon that a link become available to download your Powerpoint slides (as ppt, not pdf) as well. I would like to present this to some of my students - yes, i am a school teacher as well...